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Sinem Atamsoy Kosar

Sinem Atamsoy Kosar


Are you one of those who have grown up on stories narrated to you by your elders in the family? In what ways did the stories help you with the values you needed to learn? Did they help you improve your language, your thinking skills and the other important life skills? Do you still have stories in your life? Think about one of the talks you have listened to recently. What has made it more memorable and engaging?

Now with the technology invading our learners’ lives like never before, it should take a backseat and the good old-fashioned art of storytelling should lie at the heart of our classes.
And it is one of those ‘stop and think’ moments for all of us just to remind each other the importance of storytelling in learning.

Therefore, keeping these in mind, the session will focus on the benefits of drama storytelling, the performance skills needed by a good storyteller and will also include some creative ideas on drama storytelling and some top tips on how to manage your classes during the activity.

Effective use of drama storytelling will definitely be another reason for making your students want to come to your class!

Sinem Atamsoy Koşar has been a teacher for about 29 years and a teacher educator for about 10 years. She has been an instructor at Ege University, School of Foreign Languages since 1997. She has an extensive experience of language teaching, training language teachers and managers and preparing students for academic exams. Her experience also includes coaching students, parents and managers. Sinem previously worked as the Vice Head of the School of Foreign Languages, a director of studies, a head of English department, an exam writer and a translator and she has been actively involved in classroom observations of novice teachers.
She is currently the CPDU Coordinator at Ege University SoFL and also the current president and one of the founding members and the executive board members of TESOL Türkiye.
Her particular interest is in lifelong learning, and educational management and her mission is to collaborate with others to develop one another’s teaching, learning and management skills.
She has also attended many national and international conferences as a presenter.