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Seda Dedik Ural

Seda Dedik Ural

National Geographic Learning

Project Based Learning draws attention to the learner, not the teacher. This learning model, which allows students to explore on their own learning journey, is staged as engage, explore, explain, elaborate, and evaluate. This 5E Teaching model aims to observe and evaluate the outputs and feedbacks from the students at the learning point. Indispensable for education, the way of play, while improving people's feelings and skills, gives an open self to learning and develops the personality. In education based on games, educational models patterned with creative drama techniques allow the student to acquire the desired phenomenon through his/her own experience, both by doing, feeling, and using physical presence.
While examining all these stages through the project "Save the bees, save the planet" which is based on the 5E teaching model created for GAIA:2030, we will aim to find solutions to the problem by playing games in group workshops with creative drama techniques. Just as each new acquisition of knowledge is a person's journey, it is a journey full of experiences along the way.
*The lesson plan of project, which is designed for GAIA:2030 with 5E project-based learning model, is shortlisted around the world and won the recognition certificate.

I am an enthusiastic English language teacher since 2012. I have started my career as ESL teacher in many grades. Beside from being a teacher, I have qualifications such as National Geographic Educator, Eco Schools Coordinator, Microsoft Innovative Educator, International Camp Organization and Academic Coordinator. I am setting bridges between those qualifications and my teaching style. They help me to create an authentic classroom environment where every student has an opportunity to discover their learning journey which leads me to give Educator seminars in many areas and subjects like using creative drama techniques in ESL teaching, Learning models of ESL in many subjects etc. This is the reason that I attend the organizations to share my experiences with other educators to empower the future learners.