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Emir Aydın

Emir Aydın

Macmillan Education

Storytelling is an art as ancient as our civilisation and it simply indicates that everyone loves a good story! Whatever stories we choose to use in the classroom, be it the classics or stories of your making, stories and storytelling are excellent tools for any ELT classroom. Stories not only inspire and trigger students' imagination, but they also expand vocabulary and exhibit grammar within a context.
In this session, we will investigate what storytelling tools we can adapt and adopt into the classroom.

Emir Aydin is a Teacher Trainer and Educational Consultant at Unlimited Educational Services (UES) in Istanbul. Following his degree at Marmara University, he then started his career as a Lecturer at Okan University. Alongside his role as a lecturer, he has performed as a teacher, a translator and a coordinator. He is currently studying his postgraduate degree at Sakarya University.