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Elif Yalçın

Elif Yalçın

Pearson & Sky

12:15 - 13:00

Critical Thinking: From Antiquity to the Present Day

TARGET AGE GROUP: Middle and High School

14:30 - 15:15

Concurrent Sessions

ABSTRACT: Critical thinking and questioning has always been an important part of learning.  In my presentation I would like to talk about how critical thinkers changed history, people’s lives and education. I am providing a journey through time, focusing on milestones in critical thinking. I would also like to emphasize how it is even more important to think critically now, in the age of AI.   BIODATA: Elif Yalçın was born in Izmir in 1976. After her junior and senior high school education in 60.Yıl Anadolu Lisesi, she was accepted to 9 Eylül University American Studies program. Since her graduation in 1998, she has worked at universities and private schools as an English teacher, head of department, translator, and administrator. In 2010 she started her MA degree in American Studies. Later in her career she took the Young Learners/Very Young Learners and CELT-S courses. She has also been translating books for children and teenagers.