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Ece Demircioğlu

Ece Demircioğlu

Oxford University Press

In this session, we focus on storytelling to improve a leadership skill, effective communication and expression of the self to high school students. This session aims to display hands-on methods to enhance the students' speaking abilities and persuasion skills through storytelling. I hope this session gives you further ideas for practical implementations as well as inspiration for future practices.

Ece Demircioğlu, Turkish by nationality, has been working as an English and American literature instructor, IB Film teacher and Examiner and a curriculum designer since 2010. She graduated from Middle East Technical University in 2002 and obtained her diploma as a Sociologist. Upon graduation, she also received English teaching credentials from Hacettepe University where she decided to pursue her career as an English literature teacher.
In keeping with her professional development, she completed her MA in International Education Administration at Endicott College, Madrid in 2015. As an English/American literature and Film teacher, she is interested in curriculum building around 21st century skills and is a strong advocate of international mindedness. Ece also took part in international projects and organized film festivals throughout her career.
As a teacher trainer, Ece delivered trainings in various areas representing Oxford University Press, though, integrating digital tools and videos into English teaching is her special interest.
She has also been mentoring and coaching university students who study at Middle East Technical University at the moment.