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Dr. Tom Godfrey

Dr. Tom Godfrey


11:00 - 11:50


Empowering Teachers through Social and Emotional Learning

12:15 - 13:00

Community Forums: Participatory Approaches to Teacher Development


14:30 - 15:15

Concurrent Sessions

PLENARY PRESENTATION TOPIC: Empowering Teachers through Social and Emotional Learning



Having experienced online teaching during the COVID pandemic, it is opportune to reflect on the role of ‘the body’ in teaching. What is the effect of teacher and learner ‘presence’ both physically in the classroom and online? This talk focusses on developing Social and Emotional Learning by looking at practical methods and activities that can be done in class such as raising self-awareness (sensory skills such as active listening), raising awareness of others (collaborative and interactional skills such as dynamic questioning, effective feedback) and awareness of self-identity.  We will also explore the value of SEL for teachers to reflect on their experiences. The aim is to explore a range of practical participant centred techniques and reveal a fresh landscape of creative personalised expression, enjoyment and gratification in our work place.

CONCURRENT PRESENTATION TOPIC: Community Forums: Participatory Approaches to Teacher Development



This session is focussed on exploring how participatory methodology can inform ELT Teacher Education. The session provides participants experience of participatory methodology and techniques. While participatory methodology has a long and proven track record in Applied Theatre, it is rarely utilized in teacher development programmes. We explore the use of Community Forums (an adaptation of Forum Theatre) in which participants re-enact collectively experienced challenges to find solutions. Community Forums provide participant-led, solution-oriented, multiple voiced opportunities for reflection and dialogue on critical incidents teachers’ face. We will also discuss the value of facilitation skills to reflect on the experiences of an ELT teacher (fears, hopes and dreams) and the value of re-enacting critical experiences to find participant-led shared solutions.


Dr. Tom Godfrey is the CEO of International Training Institute (ITI), a renowned teacher training center situated in Istanbul. With global experience in teaching and teacher training across multiple countries, Tom brings a depth of experience of innovative and experimental educational methodologies to the forefront.

Tom's academic journey includes an MA in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) from Reading University and an Ed.D from Exeter University, UK. His expertise extends to the realm of embodied and holistic learning approaches, evident in his published works encompassing Teacher Development. Tom's commitment to cultivating holistic learning environments has positioned him as an authority in integrating embodied approaches into learning contexts.

Beyond academia, Tom's passion for theatre has been a driving force throughout his career. As an EFL teacher and teacher trainer worldwide, he has blended his theatrical interests with education. This fusion was further solidified by his completion of an MA in Applied Theatre at Exeter University, focusing on how Applied Theatre can impact Teacher Education.

Tom's commitment to community welfare and education is evident through his founding of the Speech Bubbles Theatre Group. This initiative not only showcases his theatrical acumen but also serves as a platform to generate funds in support of education and children's causes.

His multifaceted endeavours also include the creation of a documentary film (The CELTA Experience) chronicling the experiences of training to become an English Language Teacher.