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Asst. Prof. Esin Çağlayan

Asst. Prof. Esin Çağlayan

National Geographic Learning

This workshop will provide participants with an overview of self-regulated reading strategies
and the role they play in improving reading comprehension. Through a combination of
discussions and hands-on activities, participants will learn how to model, explain, and
provide practice opportunities for these strategies. They will also learn how to encourage
self-monitoring, use graphic organizers, make connections to real-life, set goals, and provide
feedback to support the development of self-regulated reading. This workshop is designed
for teachers in grades 8-12, but teachers from any grade level are welcome to attend.

Asst. Prof. Esin Çağlayan holds a BA from Bogazici University, Department of English Language Teaching, an MA and a PhD in Educational Administration, Leadership and Supervision, and Teacher Trainer Certificate from the British Council. She worked as Level Coordinator, Head of Testing Unit, and as Head of the Preparatory Program at Izmir University of Economics. She currently works as Director of the Teaching and Learning Research and Application Center. As an educator with over twenty-year experience and an active researcher, she has published several research articles, presented at many conferences, and provided training sessions on language testing and assessment. She is also the coordinator of Measurement, Evaluation, Testing and Assessment Special Interest Group affiliated with Tesol-Turkiye. Her academic interests are assessment literacy, language assessment, instructional technologies, instructional design, learning analytics, and organizational behaviour.