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Amir Esmkhani

Amir Esmkhani

National Geographic Learning

Revisiting the common strategies and techniques in Reading, the session will focus more on how to harness students’ curiosity for a deeper engagement with a text which can lead to more sustainable learning. If done properly, this treatment of reading can maximize vocabulary and grammar retention as well as fostering critical thinking and creativity. Reading for Curiosity, Reading for a Better World!

With a Bachelor’s in English Literature and a double Master’s in TEFL and Information Communication Technologies from Iran and Australia respectively, Amir started teaching English in 1996 in Iran at universities and colleges. Having established Iranzamin Language School in 2002, he then joined the British Council teacher training team in 2006. He started teaching at Monash University English Language Center in 2012 for four years. He originated the webinar series titled “Disseminating Knowledge Beyond Borders” which hosted great scholars such as Professors Noam Chomsky, Stephen Krashen, Dianne Larsen Freeman, and John O’Toole, in 2020. He joined the National Geographic Learning Turkey team in September 2020 as an Academic Advisor and Educational Consultant. His areas of expertise are teacher training, educational psychology, as well as drama pedagogy.