Steve O’Farrell is a trainer, consultant and educator who has been in the education business for many years. Living and teaching in Turkey since 1998, he has taught at all levels from primary to university and beyond. Having developed, fine-tuned and successfully applied many language-imparting techniques and methods over 15 years of working with young learners, Steve now shares these innovations in highly-entertaining and informative training and teacher learning sessions.

Having worked freelance with a number of institutions, Steve has now joined Pearson as Senior Learning Consultant, and the content of his training is highly education-focused. He is married (to a Turkish national), and has a daughter and son, both native bilingual, and both growing up too fast.

Steve is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin. He also holds the CELTA and is PGCE trained and licensed. He draws on this educational and ELL background and his keen interest in NLP (being a Master Practitioner of NLP) to produce some highly innovative ELT and communicative sessions for teachers.

He also enjoys acting and has appeared in several episodes of the acclaimed series Kayıtdışı, as well as Vatanım Sensin and İstanbullu Gelin.

A passionate learner and skilled technology champion, his driving purpose is to bring more effective language learning to Turkey, and to promote the most useful and efficient approaches to learning and teaching – and improve and expand the learning of all students.

Changing up the menu to introduce vocabulary


In this workshop, I will dig down and explore the difficulties with learning new vocabulary, make observations about acquisition in the native tongue, and share some fun and novel ideas to help advance students’ vocabularies.