Sarah Louıse Money

Sarah Louıse Money

Sarah Louıse Money

Sarah was  born in England and graduated from Manchester University with a BA degree. Sarah has been a teacher in Turkey for over 10 years now. She has worked as an English teacher, head of department and most recently as the educational coordinator at Dalton College, Izmir. Throughout her teaching career Sarah has specialized in synthetic phonics training, teaching young learners, the dalton education plan and more recently leadership and management within schools.

Active Learning- methodologies to make teaching more interactive, involving and more meaningful.


What is active learning?

How can we change our teaching to allow students to be more active?

What is the teacher’s role in active learning?


Active learning is an approach to teaching that involves actively engaging students in their lessons. This can be through discussions, problem solving, case studies, role plays, technology and more importantly group work.

Through active learning students become more aware and responsible for their learning and the teacher takes a more passive role in the classroom.


In this workshop, I will introduce the idea of student-based learning, group work and give some ideas of how by using technology, teachers can help students prepare for their lessons prior to the lesson starting in order to have more active lessons.

I will also discuss how the role of the teacher changes in an active classroom.