Kathleen Kampa

Kathleen Kampa

Kathleen Kampa

Kathleen Kampa is a teacher, author, and teacher-trainer who specializes in working with young learners. As a PYP (Primary Years Program) teacher in Tokyo, Japan, she uses a globally minded and inquiry-based approach to teaching through which students develop 21st century skills.   Kathleen and her husband Charles Vilina are co-authors of Magic Time, Everybody Up and Oxford Discover, published by Oxford University Press.  Kathleen has produced two music CDs for young learners, Kathy Kampa’s Special Days and Holidays and Jump Jump Everyone, which build English language skills through TPR while nurturing creativity and imagination. Kathleen has conducted workshops in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Mexico, Jamaica, Finland, Holland, Denmark, Canada, and the US.


Plenary How Your English Language Learners Can Change the World ,


As teachers of English, you are providing the building blocks of a skill that your students can use meaningfully and productively throughout their lives. You are offering the opportunity for global communication, for relationships and careers that will shape who they are and what they do. Most importantly, you can help them change the world for the better.

In essence, the English language classroom exists to prepare students to communicate across cultures, across borders, across perspectives. As the world evolves and becomes even more interconnected, it is our students to whom we entrust the responsibility of building a better global society.

In this plenary session, I will explore ways in which your students can grow into global citizens as they develop the skills they need to communicate effectively in English.  Key questions will include:

  • How can we help our students connect with each other as well as with students beyond their own classroom?
  • What global values can we instill in our students through our curriculum?
  • How can critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration build strong English skills with a global perspective?


Concurrent Session;  Connecting The World Through Music and Movement

TARGET AGE GROUP:  Young Learners

Learn why music and movement are vital to building English language skills in the young learner classroom. Explore strategies that help young learners work together, build positive relationships, and appreciate cultures from around the world. Experience brain-friendly, multiple intelligence based strategies that nurture students’ creativity and critical thinking.